Case Studies - Peterborough Remodelling and Resignalling

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Network Rail required a major remodelling and re-signalling of a major station on the East Coast Mainline (ECML) to increase capacity, linespeed and improve the operational flexibility and reliability performance.

The Problem

Peterborough Station is a major node for train paths travelling north to south and east to west with the TOC and FOC timetable being extremely important to all stakeholders. The original delivery proposals resulted in major disruption to the timetable and a large number of stages, resulting in an unacceptable cost, programme duration and impact on stakeholders. A new technical solution and delivery strategy was needed to progress this vital upgrade of a life expired asset.

The Solution

Carillion worked with Network Rail and the stakeholders collaboratively to reduce the number of stages by two thirds, utilising and modifying the existing infrastructure to support the delivery strategy. The overall reduction in project time resulted in:

  • Significant reduction in disruption to passengers
  • Reduction in delivery timetables circa 12 months
  • Significant reduction to capital expenditure

The completed project has successfully delivered the original requirements and the life expired assets replaced with a more reliable, efficient system.