EBI Gate 2000

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EBI Gate 2000

 EBI 2000

Making level crossings safer for local communities through proven technological advancements that offer improved reliability and enhanced safety, as standard.

Infrasig's commitment to product innovation and improvement of the UK railway's is now being demonstrated by Infrasig's ambition to bring Bombardier EBI Gate 2000 to the UK. The EBI Gate 2000 is a full level crossing system designed with the flexibility to be deployed as a total overlay system, interfaced to existing signalling systems or fully integrated within a ERTMS signalling system.

EBI Gate 2000 is a PLC controlled level crossing system design and developed in accordance with CENELEC standards to achieve the highest safety integrity level (SIL-4). The modular design can be adapted to various client requirements and market applications. Building on proven design and maturity EBI Gate 2000 is installed in 15 countries with a population of over 700 level crossing systems.

When fully integrated the EBI Gate 2000 is completely controlled by object controller devices, therefore no conventional relays are required, improving reliability and reducing maintenance requirements. The EBI Gate 2000 system has a product design life of 25 years and is fully supported within the Bombardier product road map, therefore product lifecycle and obsolescence is proactively managed.  The EBI Gate 2000 system is designed as a complete self-contained factory tested system, which enables  Infasig to realise their vision to remove the requirement for prolonged road closures and to ensure level crossing renewals efficiencies are realised by Network RaIl