Technology - INTERFLO 450

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INTERFLO 450 is an ERTMS/ETCS level 2 solution, which comprises all the trackside products required for high speed main lines (SIL4) requiring exceptional levels of safety and speeds beyond 250 km/h.

The system offers exceptional opportunities for reduced trackside equipment, such as light signals and cabling, along with reducing the overall system footprint, with potential for significant capital and operational cost savings.

The INTERFLO solution includes the Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system both trackside and onboard the train. In total the system comprises:

  • An ERTMS/ETCS Level 2 ATP system displaying permitted, actual and target speeds and movement authority. Presented to the driver through a graphical alphanumeric and analogue display, with both audible and visual alarms.
  • EBI Com radio block centre
  • ATP information through EBI Com radio block centre
  • EBI Lock computer-based interlocking
  • Train detection by either EBI track circuits and/ or third party axle counters
  • Point machines, including EBI switch and other UK approved products
  • EBI screen control room handles train supervision, although third party systems can be utilised.